ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 21 September 2015 – Social Media and Political Campaign


Hello! Yesterday we had a special guest for our codeMeetUp()! Let us introduce Rezki Handayani (Rea), an expert in Social Media and Political Campaign 🙂


She started with the story behind Obama’s campaign (such an interesting statistics)


And how her team handle our major, Ridwan Kamil’s campaign.


These are some of the campaign using social media. By using Facebook and Twitter.


Make some activities involving public/communitiesIMG_7099

Or initiate conversation with influential public figure on social media.


The campaign requires many talents because it needs lots of different medias to get the message through.


And this is the story about our current president’s campaign!


More or less similar to the major’s. But with tighter gap of time.


And yeaaah, her team collaborated with ProCodeCG’s partner: Kampoong Monster to make an animation about Mr. (to be) President and his vision:

IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7106

One of the best talent behind these campaign is Shendi Abdi M, form Simulakrum Media Works. He created some amazing videos for previous campaigns.


This regular event of sharing and discussion always surprises us with new insights and opportunity to meet new great people! 😉


Yeaaah! This is us! Different crowd with the same vibe! Thank you all!!!


Next week Kampoong Monster will be back with the regular animation workshop! 😉


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