ProCodeCG Half-Day Kids Coding Camp Games Development Day #3


Today’s is Minecraft day! We learned to do some modding on Minecraft using CanaryMod and Scriptcraft! 🙂


CanaryMod is a server which has ScriptCraft plug-ins that enable us to type code in Minecraft in JavaScript 😉


With ScriptCraft, we can create lots of things inside Minecraft by typing codes!


Most kids are familiar with Minecraft, but most of them have never done Minecraft Modding before 😉


This Games Development camp aiming to introduce games to kids, and teach them how to create games. Because to be able to design and create games, one should play games 😉


Oh! This is too fun! 😀


Learning (read: coding) is fun. It doesn’t necessarily mean something to frown upon 🙂


We did some turtle navigation we learned on the 1st day again in Minecraft. This time we did it in 3D 😉 Kids learned how to move around Minecraft and put blocks on the ground by giving command like move forward 3 steps – turn to the left – move forward 3 steps – put the block.


One of the kid celebrate his birthday by generously brought us lots of pizza! Happy bday Farrell! 🙂 ❤


One of the kid created a replica of her Mac inside Minecraft!


Look how cool is that! 😉


Well, even the greatest days have to end. After receiving the certificate, it took us some time to get kids to get up to get their pics 😀


One of them climbed over Capt. Zaki’s shoulder LOL


Ok, now ready?


And yeaaaah this is all of us at the end of ProCodeCG Half-Day Kids Coding Camp!


See you soon, kids! Hope that the last 3 days has brought you lots of new experience and loads you with happiness and useful skills!



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