ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class 30 Jan 2016 – ComboBox, FileDialog and KeyLogger in Python


Today got lots of kids plus 2 newcomers yaaay! 🙂 We continued our work on combobox, modify some file dialog with tkinter and learn to create simple keylogger 😀


Some kids sit on different side.


We also had this tiny little guest too 🙂


These are the newcomers, Michael and Kevin. They are twins! 😉


These ones are discussing about Farrell’s solar system code. These kids are so into science! Awesome!


We always have a great time on Saturdays 🙂


The more the merrier! 😉


Ardi is the Algodoo expert in our class. We challenge him to copy Farrell’s solar system code in Algodoo and this is what Ardi came up with! 😉


We also did lots of debugging 😀


We make sure things work in every class to be able to move further the next week!


The class is supposed to be finished at 11. But kids usually hang around until 12 😀


We still have lots of topics to learn! We were expecting another newcomers today, too bad we gave them the wrong address 😦 But hopefully they will join us next week!

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