ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Intro to Programming, GameMaker, Java Programming and Apps Programming – 22 Oct 2016


Intro to Programming, GameMaker, Java Programming and Apps Programming Class today 🙂

Darrell continued creating apps with Thunkable 🙂 Prudence was also on the same track 🙂


Nanin now moved on to Blockly Games after finishing Minecraft Hour of Code 🙂


Rezvan chose to do Arduino Coding instead, well it is ok 🙂


Capt. Malik was there to help 🙂

Vian had new idea to create a new game with GameMaker


While on the back some kids and parents were still figuring out the bug on their Arduino codes 😀

Areli create a new interesting game that was so hard to play because he puts invisible traps randomly so you almost can never win! 😀 Next week we will add scores and more levels 🙂

It worked! Rezvan has successfully made his own blinking light 🙂


Some kids were not on the picture: Tyo was working on guessing number games in Java (while also working on his game project in GameMaker) while it took a while for Ozan to install Java on his laptop 🙂

We still lots of things to explore next week! 🙂 See you again!


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