ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 9 Feb 2015 – Games Programming


The topic today is Games Programming! Muhammad Tomy Kurniawan from TinkerGames shares to us about how to develop games using Unity3D


Tinker Games, as written on the website, “an Indonesian mobile game and digital entertainment company filled with young energy and creativity with the vision to improve Indonesia’s digital creative ecosystem and aims to become the best company in Southeast Asia in the fields of digital creative industry.

With unique graphics, original story lines, and interesting game play, we’re redefining the mobile gaming experience. We’ve released a few games in multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia OS. Tinker Games has also transformed its games into promotional items such as pins, art books and key chains.”

It is one of the leading games developer in Indonesia, established by Indonesian young and talented people. Its products covers all the platforms: Android, iOS, Java, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Below is an example of C# codes in Unity3D. And this is one of the simplest 😉


Well, after all, not just the sharing that matters the most, but all new friends and connections we make each time! 🙂

We even spend more time discussing about how we can make this community works like Silicon Valley!


We also intend to map all the communities who have taken part in ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() so instead of outlets and malls on Bandung City Maps, there should be one with all the start ups and communities in Bandung!


Brains and hearts are happy today. The next codeMeetUp() will be about Bandung High Tech Valley (BHTV) by Prof. Budi Rahardjo!

Now we’re doing what others won’t do, so someday we can do others can’t! So join us, or left behind! 😀


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