ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 2 Feb 2015 – Programming in Animation


Hello hello!

Today ProCodeCG is very proud and honored to have Kampoong Monster sharing about their impressive works on our regular codeMeetUp() event!

This is Aditia A. Pratama, Technical Director of Kampoong Monster, explaining about Programming in Animation

Bintang Senja P, CG Supervisor of Kampoong Monster is also joining in to explain about the design process an animation artist should go through.

Established on 2013, Kampoong Monster has a long and splendid portfolio already. Starting from its first client, Menkominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia), Kampoong Monster also created “Dedication of Life”, a heroic nationalism campaign for Jokowi. Kampoong Monster also takes part in The Gooseberry Project, as one of the best animation production house working together with others from countries worldwide.

This is the code (in Python) to modify Blender, the main engine used by Kampoong Monster, so it can provide specific functions needed in the process of producing animation. The core of Blender is in C.


And here we are! Happy with fully-loaded and inspired brains 🙂
IMG_5607Thank you Kampoong Monster, see you very soon 🙂 Next week, it will be Tinker Games sharing some really awesome stuff about games development!


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