ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 1 June 2015 – How to Create Interesting App and Monetize It


Our guest today is Baidu! 😉

IMG_0710 1

This is Pak Kemas Antonius, Product Manager of Baidu Indonesia

IMG_0711 1

He explains amazing facts about Baidu

IMG_0713 1

IMG_0714 1

IMG_0717 1

IMG_0718 1

IMG_0719 1

IMG_0720 1

IMG_0721 1

And about its innovation and products

IMG_0723 1

IMG_0724 1

IMG_0725 1

IMG_0727 1

IMG_0728 1

IMG_0729 1

IMG_0730 1

IMG_0731 1


He also gives some coaching on how to create interesting app and monetize it 😉

IMG_0732 1

IMG_0733 1

IMG_0734 1

IMG_0735 1


Baidu also has this interesting app store that is designed specifically for Indonesia. Start-ups and software developer can take advantage of this promising market place.

IMG_0736 1


This is us! We got several new people from different communities and start-ups! We are planning to do some workshop and coaching as a follow up of today’s event. We will let you know! 🙂

IMG_0740 1


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