ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 6 June 2015 – Conditionals and Looping in Blockly


Hello hello!

This is a report about how little programmers spend their time every Saturdays at ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 😉

Today we continue learning about conditionals (if-elseif-else)
IMG_1018 1We learn this step by step and each week the problem is getting harder 🙂
IMG_1020 1This is how the class looks today. Everyone is trying to finish the problem. These little guy are very persistence, they won’t leave the computer until they finish the coding, and continue working even when the class is already over 😀
IMG_1022 1One of the captain is displaying the code on the screen guiding the others to finish their codes. Another captain is sitting on the back giving assistance when needed 🙂
IMG_1024 1

Rangga is exploring the code, by modifying it then see what happens as the result. He is learning about looping and angles and how to make it work and draw a pentagon.

IMG_1025 1

Azriel do coding very fast. Look at how many lines he already wrote! On the side is another captain whose tasks is to make sure things ok, cable connection, wifi connection and making sure nobody is playing games 😀

IMG_1026 1

Alif is working hard solving the top hardest problem 😛

IMG_1027 1

This is Zaki, one of the captain. He always leading forward! 😀 We always ask him for solutions 😀

IMG_1028 1

Ara catches up very quickly, when he is in the mood he can finish all the tasks as fast as lightning!

IMG_1029 1

This is one of the problem. We should solve this to learn using multiple looping. The outer looping is to move and turn around 90 degrees 4 times and inner looping is to draw each yellow stars.

IMG_1030 1

And captain Syahna solved it 😉

IMG_1031 1…and running the program

IMG_1034 1

Azriel’s parents and little sister is already there to pick him up but he insists on finishing the code, with the help of his baby sister of course LOL

IMG_1036 1So then we do the higher level, drawing several stars with several lines with looping. We can use the previous code for the basis for modification.


This one, is left for a homework 😉


See you next week! 🙂 ❤


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