ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 8 June 2015 – Basic Game Development with Unity


Today, Co-Founder and CMO of NightSpade, Garibaldy Mukti shared lots of insights about game industry, game development and also showed us some demo of Unity 5 🙂

IMG_1208 1

NightSpade as one of leading game developer companies in Indonesia, currently has more or less 18 personnels.

IMG_1185 1

NightSpade has won many awards, starting from winning Digital Media Festival 2009, an then INAICTA 2011 and 2013, Sparx Up  2011 and APICTA 2011.Nightspade also won the second winner jof Intel RealSense App Challenge 2015 and also Indigo Apprentice Award 2015.

IMG_1186 1

Here are some snapshot from an interview by Bloomberg TV Indonesia

IMG_1207 1


NightSpade has been developing games with gestures too!

IMG_1190 1

IMG_1206 1And we also got some very useful tutorial on creating simple games using Unity 5.
IMG_1187 1
IMG_1188 1
This is on of the games created by NightSpade using Unity 5

IMG_1189 1

We got great audiences here 😉
IMG_1182 1
IMG_1180 1

This is us, including our fav fellows from Kampoong Monster, Tinker Games, and also great programmers and designers!


Next week Prof. Budi Rahardjo will be sharing about Start-ups Pitching Failures 😉


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