ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 15 June 2015 – Start Up Pitch Failures


Today we had successfully invited the super busy superstar Prof. Budi Rahardjo to share to us about Start Up Pitch Failures 😉

IMG_1770 1


He arrived early and showed some interesting videos to early audiences, including his speech at IBM Developer War Day.

IMG_1771 1

The topic is so interesting, we got a high school student among the audiences 😉

IMG_1780 1


The audiences were from various backgrounds. Even lecturers and students from SBM-ITB were joining us too! 🙂

IMG_1779 1


So here are the important failures happen all the time in start ups pitching…

Failure #1:

IMG_1783 1

Failure #2:

IMG_1784 1


Failure #3:

IMG_1785 1Failure #4:
IMG_1786 1Failure #5
IMG_1790 1

Failure #6
IMG_1791 1

And these are the audiences! Some of them has left before we took the pic, and some of them stayed longer to get some precious mentoring from Prof. BR 😉

IMG_1795 1

See you next week! 😉


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