ProCodeCG at Festival Anak Bertanya 16 June 2015


Hello hello! Today ProCodeCG participated in Festival Anak Bertanya at Sabuga ITB Bandung!
This is our booth!

IMG_1833 1

The venue is very clean and nice, we get enough power source and internet connection 🙂

IMG_1834 1

The booth next to us, Bengkel Sains UNPAR is very popular. They demonstrate lots of science experiments, people keep coming there!

IMG_1838 1

And kids love to play with this AirWheel that works like Segway but this one has no “steering wheel” 😀 This one works with gyroscope so it will move to the direction you till your body to.

IMG_1836 1

We would really like to have this one 😀

IMG_1837 1

Lots of kids come to our booth to try to play games created by ProCodeCG little programmers 😉

IMG_1842 IMG_1841

This is one of interesting booth at Festival Anak Bertanya: Visual Cerdas Indonesia


There is also Fire Departement! Whoaaa!!!

IMG_1839 1

This is us, at the booth 🙂

IMG_1851 IMG_1855

This is one of the most brilliant innovation created by a 19 year old UNPAR Physics Majoring Student: a simple solar panel!


This is how it looks: many people are coming, from morning till late afternoon!!!


We also meet Clevio Camp Coder and have a great discussion!


And this one, this 13 years old girl is an expert in Scratch and programming. A total expert! We will hire her as an instructor one day! 😉



We also have a chance to take pics with Bu Premana W. Premadi, an inspiring Astronomy Lecturer from ITB.

IMG_1869 IMG_1872

That’s our brief report of today, we are planning to join again next year’s Festival Anak Bertanya! 🙂 ❤



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