ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 22 June 2015 – 5 Fundamental SEO Factor 2015


Today’s topic is 5 Fundamental SEO Factor 2015 by Ahmad Syarif Hidayatullah from Cyberlabs 🙂

IMG_2388 1


SEO changes over the years IMG_2392

Factor #1 Mobile Friendly Website


Factor #2 Improve Search Metrics QualityIMG_2394 1

Factor #3 Backlink

IMG_2395 1

Factor #4 Social SignalIMG_2396 1

G+ plays important role in SEO IMG_2397

Some tips:

#1 Post at prime time


#2 Include pics

IMG_2399 1

#3 Ask questions

IMG_2400 1

#4 Ask follower to participate in votingIMG_2401

#5 Make contest

IMG_2402 1

Factor #5 Use Schema MarkupIMG_2403

These are the audience 🙂 ❤IMG_2404

The resume

IMG_2406 1

And our mandatory pic after each session 😉IMG_2409


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