ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 6 July 2015 – Cooking Electronics


Woah. Today we had the youngest guest on ProCodeCG codeMeetUp(). Muhammad Arifin D. 19 yo. Founder of EcoSol SunHarvester.

He shared about “Cooking Electronics” 😉

IMG_3078 1

This is his profile:

IMG_3081 1

He began the journey since he was very young. For his 5th grade science project.


He creates the prototype with his own hands!

IMG_3083 1

This is what can be done with the solar panel he created:

to produce hot water


to dry something indoorIMG_3086 1

to produce salt

IMG_3088 1

The design keeps evolving so that he invented the portable version


Like this. This solar panel can be folded and put in a very thin box.


This young man also invent the control unit! This is the 1st version


The 2nd:


The 3rd:


The 4th:

IMG_3096 1

and still going on, the 5th:IMG_3098 1

the 6th, and still keep going… 🙂IMG_3099 1

EcoSol SunHarvester has been implemented in many places. With low cost and easy installment, and the effectivity, this product is certainly a solution for this planet 😉


The future of the solar panel is as bright as this young man’s! 🙂

IMG_3103 1

An inspiring quote!

IMG_3104 1

And this is us!



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