ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 3 Oct 2015 – Encryption Virus



We seriously created an encryption virus today 😉 But before that we learned about file i/o. About how to read from a file (per character, per line, or multiple lines). IMG_7628

Then we learned how to write to a file. And how to read from a file, encrypt it then write it to a new file.





Next we learned how to read from a file, encrypt each character, write it to a buffer and write it to the same file.







After that we modify the last virus to list files to be infected, checking which ones already have virus signature, and then encrypt each character in the file! 😀


Some of the kids refused to run the virus because the anti-virus hasn’t been written yet! LOL 😀


But after they were assisted to create back ups, all kids now has the virus healthy and works find. infecting all .py files in the directory encrypted. With now white spaces! 😀


This is how the virus looks like

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-02 um 9.53.16 nachm.

And this is how the files got infected 😀

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-03 um 8.22.06 vorm.

Next week we will learn to create the anti! 😉


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