ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 2 Nov 2015 – Presentation Zen


Today Prof Budi Rahardjo shared about “Presentation Zen” plus tips and tricks to capture your audiences attention and to deliver the messages effectively. Very useful either for pitching with investors, presenting thesis, introducing self on a job interview, reporting the progress of research, and so on.

The audience πŸ™‚


One of the most important thing in a presentation is Punch. The opening. The first 8 secs.


One. Choose one main topic. Don’t try to impress the audience by stuffing them with too many points.


Window. Human attention span is about 18 min. Make sure you give a break to your audience. And to yourself, of course.


Ear/Eye. Pay attention to your audience. Read their gestures. See how they react to your presentation. Act accordingly.


Retention. At the end, summarize your points. Make sure that important things in your presentation stick on your audiences’ head.


So the trick to have a good presentation is POWER!


And don’t forget about the style, you can choose what style that fits you.


This presentation uses Lessig Style. Very simple, very zen. With a very few of words. There were also some tricks on how to do amazing presentation like Steve Jobs, or end up with boring presentation like Bill Gates πŸ˜€


This is us with Jobs’ style πŸ˜€


And this one with Gates’ style πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


See you next week! Kampoong Monster will be back giving open workshop on Blender!


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