ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class 16 April 2016- More Objects and Methods in Java


Hello! Yesterday we added more classes and methods to our Java coding 😉


We added timer, counter, random spawning, start button and so many more 🙂


This is Awa adding more lines to his code and making sure it can be compiled and worked 🙂


Ardi is reading the tutorial and catches up things quickly after a few weeks of absence 😉 Welcome back, Ardi! 🙂


Malik came with lots of progress. He had finished all homework and ready to do some more!


While Clarence had different thing in mind, he wanted to create cupcakes war 😀


While Pru was busy with the crabs eating lots of polar bears 😀


Ardi had almost done with his catching up and he started to play with a cat. And feed it LOL


Capt. Syahna was in charge as the display operator as usual 🙂


There were a little course on the back of the class, a crash course on editing pics 😉


Malik had an idea of creating Flappy Bird with Java 😉


So while the others start adding counters method to the code, Malik had started a new thread 😀


He started right away, downloading assets and creating classes


It was a great idea for Awa too! He switched from the last code and start his own Flappy Bird code 😀


We need some image editing to get clean Flappy Bird images so these guys were talking about editing files with smartphone 🙂


Reza is also catching up with the class 🙂 He wasn’t into the Flappy Bird yet 🙂


A snapshot of some of what we did!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-17 um 10.39.44 AM

See you next week 🙂

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