ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class – Intro to Programming, Java Programming, GameMaker and Apps Programming – 17 Sep 2016


We had Intro to Programming, Java Programming, Game Maker Programming and Apps Programming going in our class yesterday 🙂

This is Raza 🙂 Yesterday he started to learn how to code with CodeCombat but surprisingly he didn’t like it 🙂


He preferred doing Blockly Games 🙂


While Vian was working on his game with GameMaker


Rezvan was also on GameMaker too, and he had the best assistance from TWO captains: Capt. Malik on the left and Capt. Zaki on the right 🙂


Jundy shows his Java code and explains about “public class” 🙂

Tristan finished his Minecraft Hour of Code challenge very quickly and moved to Lightbot challenge 🙂

Areli was working on his new BreakOut game but we forgot to take the pic of him :((

This is Rezvan finishing up his game with the help of Capt. Malik 🙂


We also had Prudence (the only girl in this class) working on Android Apps Programming but we don’t have the pic, so sorry :((

There was also Ozan started to download JDK and ready to code in Java but no pics too :((

Parents in the class are good resources! They help kids with problems and give solutions 🙂 This one graduated from ITB Informatics 😉

Our Lead Captain came yesterday! Hello Capt. Zaki! He is on the first year of high school, very busy so he can’t make it to our class every week but he promise he will be there every week when he’s on the second year! Yeaay 🙂


Friendship after class 😉

So much excitement and happiness every Saturday! See you next week 😉


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