ProCodeCG – Private Training – Data Acquisition with ESPectro – Day #1 – 15 May 2017


Today we had a training on gathering data from sensors using DHT11 and MLX90614 using ESPectro development board 🙂

Setting up before the class started

IMG_8921 IMG_8922


We used two different computers to make sure we can do lots of things simultaneously 🙂


we also have to make sure we have reliable internet connection and a toolbox full of anything we might need 😉


we tested MLX90614 with Arduino



and it worked. Next we will use ESPectro to be able to send the data via cloud 🙂


We’re going to use the sensors to measure battery temperature


We’re going to use multiple sensors to measure multiple batteries, so we’ve got lots of things to do, and will continue the training on Wednesday 🙂


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