ProCodeCG codeMeetUp() 19 Oct 2015 – Simulakrum: “Our Lessons Learned from Motion Picture”


We were very lucky yesterday to have a great and talented filmmaker, Shendi Abdi M from Simulakrum Media Works share about lessons learned from Motion Picture.


Simulakrum is a visual communication design studio. Its products focused on audio-visual and multimedia contents, including film, video, motion graphics, visual effects and interactive media.

Simulakrum definition is a copy, imitation or representation of life reality perceived by people. People then make assumptions that the copy, imitation and representation is the true life reality. This definition is being used so that Simulakrum Studio products as the copy, imitation and imitation of life reality can be accepted and trusted by the people and will give the expected impacts.


The talk was very inspiring because every word and meaning was clearly defined. There were also examples for each definition.



There were lots of new insights and knowledge about film/motion picture/ movie most people haven’t heard before.


The topic covers many details about filmmaking. With some of movie scenes for examples.


We bet lots of people want to know all these interesting stuffs about movies.


And we also bet that not many people notice that we have lots of talented people and company in filmmaking!


Simulakrum is one of those talented and qualified company on its field. It knows what to do.


It knows what makes a film good or bad.


This presentation shows how people with passion work. It shows hard work and dedication.





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