ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class 21 May 2016 – HTML and Javascript


Hello Saturday! Today our coding class was in Digilife Dago 🙂


Yeah we got that big and crisp display againnn 🙂


To prevent kids getting bored, we changed topic today into something loose and more relaxed 🙂

We learned to code games in HTML and JavaScript, just to let kids now that if they create their games that can be run with a browser then it can be played on any devices (with browsers) 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-21 um 9.48.47 AM

Cinta is going to be one of the Captains on next Coding Camp so today we had a newcomer, Fira and it was such a good opportunity to let Cinta practicing her role as a Captain 🙂


While two little guys in the front, Roni and Faris start coding in HTML and JavaScript


And we got another newcomer: Vian 🙂


He came last week but he didn’t bring any laptops and ProCodeCG spare laptops were all occupied 😦 So he was very excited today to do coding! 🙂

Capt. Anya supervising her junior (Capt. Cinta) 🙂


Well, Faris is going to be one of the Captains too, so he was given the task to take care of Roni 🙂

Capt. Anya took care of things when Capt. Cinta was overloaded 😀


More kids showed up! Azriel was there too 🙂

And also our Lead Captain: Zaki 🙂


Zaki was given the task to modify this code and elevate this into a more advanced code 🙂

Capt. Cinta did her work so well 😉


Roni got a little bit bored typing in HTML and JavaScript code so we let him learn to code with Code Combat (a visual programming in Python language) and he liked it!

We always have a great and warm and productive class each time! 😉


We also did some Code Fights too! It was so challenging!!!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-21 um 8.36.05 PM

Roni reported to his mom what he was doing and showed her an email sent by Code Combat about how far he has gone with the coding 😉 Mom was very proud! 😉

Capt. Anya dan Capt. Cinta working together to assist Fira 🙂


While Azriel and Capt. Zaki were trying to solve the problem given to them 🙂

We had lots of stuff to unload and load back for the class 🙂


As much as the fun and happiness we brought back home! See you next week kids! 🙂 ❤

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