ProCodeCG Family Coding Crash Course Day #5 – 25 Nov 2016


Wow the last day already :((

We had lunch before starting the class 🙂


The we picked were we left yesterday


Sadid decided to learn HTML and CSS today (he was learning Java for the last two days), while Razin decided to learn Java (he was learning HTML CSS for the last to days) 😀

So that these two can discuss about their works and help each other 😉


They made jokes too while learning 🙂

It is ok as long as they’re learning happily 😉


Azza was progressing very fast with her Azza’s Bakery web design 🙂 She uses lots of tricks in HTML and CSS 🙂

Sadid did the catching up very well too


So did Razin, he finished his Java Intro from Code Academy and start learning from ProCodeCG Java Programming Handout 🙂

And successfully compiled the button code 🙂 He also did the login window too, and very happy about it!


Too bad the class ended today, but we still can learn anytime don’t worry!


We’re going to open the next class with different topics 🙂 Thanks all, so proud and honored to be able to share things with you 🙂

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